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Noah Gordon

In six short years...

Noah is the first born child to Lia and Sean Gordon, born in September of 2006. At an early age, Noah showed skills of being a great athlete; his hand and eye coordination was far greater than his peers and his determination to be the best at what he was doing became evident.

Noah started riding a BMX bike without training wheels at the age of two, and quickly started doing tricks and showing off for his friends and family.

The Christmas after his third birthday, he got a Yamaha PW 50 dirt bike and it became unmistakable that Noah could take this to a level that most kids could never dream of. The first day on his new dirt bike he rode so fast and crashed so much, that Noah was sure his mother was going to put an end to his riding before it even started. However, she saw the twinkle and excitement in his eyes every time he got on his dirt bike, and she knew that it was in his blood and that he was indeed born to ride. It has been 3 years and mom still loves to watch her son ride… while peeking through her fingers.

Racing Schedule



  • NMA Grand Nationals (Norman, OK)
  • CMMC Mini Nationals (San Diego, CA)



  • National Motocross Championships (Hurricane Mills, TN) (LORETTA LYNN’S)



  • Az Gold Cup racing



  • National Amateur Open of Motocross (current Champion)
  • State racing
  • Practice for 2014

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